Individual application vendors should be contacted for specific information and availability dates. One of Feature , a maximum of two features with or can be on one order. Further, data path failover is designed to provide autonomic self-healing capabilities similar to control path failover, and is designed to failover to an alternate data path in the event of a failure in the primary host-side path. Installation of a Tape Drive canister requires that a Fibre Drive Mounting Kit feature or or be installed to contain the canister. At least one model D22, D23, D52, or D53 frame with frame control assembly must be an active frame and feature is required on the Lxx frame Corequisite:

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Customers are responsible for installation according to the instructions IBM provides with the machine. Customer-initated procedures need to be completed for enabling and configuring the TS Tape Library to support encryption with the TS or TS encryption capable tape drive.


For each tape drive to be attached to switches that are installed in a model TR1 that is 4 or more frames away, order 2x of this feature.

The data path failover is designed to provide a failover mechanism for configuring multiple redundant paths in a SAN environment.

Using drive encryption

When using encryption-capable drives with a supported encryption method, a different format is used to write encrypted data to tapes. Note that these line cord features may require different customer facility outlets than frames without feature code However, ICA legacy contracts will still be available for current customers until they are withdrawn.

A maximum of one other Console Expansion may be connected to rmsz Ethernet hub provided by this feature Zero Maximum number of plant or field features: Customer must order one feature for every drive installed in an adjacent frame which will be attached to the backend fibre channel switch. These models expand capacity and function and are designed to provide the following enhancements: If additional cables are required, for example, to attach the second interface on a TS Tape Drive, they can be ordered with the following feature number: Cartridge move time within the TS Tape Library can be as short as 3.


Each TS Frame supports plant or field installation of up to twelve Fibre Channel attached tape drives. This helps to provide the dual benefit of reducing the number of backhitch repositions and improving throughput performance.

Feature is required if feature is installed Installation: Data path failover and load balancing for Ultrium 3 Tape Drives require the optional path failover feature. One of the following features can be ordered to provide this attachment: This feature is not required if the Driveless Frame feature is specified.

The library can be mounted in an industry-standard inch rack or as an optional stand-alone desktop unit part number 18P Field Installable Only Frame X-Track Cable This feature must be added to any Tape Library that does not contain a Model HA1 when frames are being added to a library that has one or two frames, such that there will only be three to six frames in the library configuration two to five Model D22, D23, D32, D42, D52, or D53 Frames attached.

Feature is not available in India for use. This is the default power cord for Brazil if no other feature is specified.

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Installation of a tape drive canister requires that the proper LTO Fibre Drive Mounting Kit feature or be installed in the library frame to contain the tape drive canister. Additional charges may apply outside IBM’s normal service area.


In addition, the Ultrium 3 Tape Drive is designed to provide: No Maximum number of features: Any required cables must be supplied by the customer. You can also mix media in a library by using, for example, a mixture of encrypted and non-encrypted device classes that have different tape and drive technologies.

Refer to the Technical information section for details. The SARS can cause the drive to request a cleaner tape, to mark the media as degraded, and to indicate that the hardware has degraded.

Tape drive encryption (AIX, Linux, and UNIX)

The adjacent devie to be powered may be dsvice to three frames away from the frame containing the FC PDUs. It must be ordered with the following feature: With the granularity and scalability to follow your requirements from a few servers to hundreds of clients, debice gigabytes to terabytes, this powerful pairing can grow with you, helping to protect your investment.

This change can help prevent having to rewrite datasets containing customer data and the first filemark in cases where such an append occurs. No charge Required feature: Logical libraries can also be used for separating Ultrium 2 Tape Drives and cartridges from Ultrium 3 Tape Drives and cartridges, or TS or Tape Drives and cartridges, for applications which do not support mixing the drives in the same logical library.